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About Us

About US

Bengal Airlift Limited (BAL), the founding Company what many longtime insiders fondly term as the Bengal Airlift Group, was established in 1982 with the objectives to build the Company into a one-stop travel, logistics and transportation center for the evolving aviation, tourism, travel, airfreight and manufacturing industries. Its today may as well be called a true success story in terms of reputation, entrepreneurship and growth.

Bengal Airlift has been working with some of the best international partners as the General Sales Agents (GSA) in Bangladesh which are Air France-KLM, Cargo Gulf Air, Air India Cargo, Air India Express Cargo and Rail Europe. The company believes in striving to expand business with more partners who share our vision and commitment and want to be serviced in a most professional way.

With an aim to grow as a global business through backward and forward integration, the Company has become among the industry’s top ranking one and leverages its strength into diversified products and interconnected business enterprises like Holiday tourism, Freight Forwarding, Courier services, Cargo handling, Storage services, Export oriented textile and knit products, JVs and Global alliances.

Along with the management expertise, the deployment of right people, processes, modern technologies and infallibility of the commitments made Bengal Airlift the most trusted passenger and logistic entity in Bangladesh and in the South Asian region as well.