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We partner with prestigious and renowned carriers as exclusive sales agent in Bangladesh to provide GSA services to our customers. Our partnerships with world class airlines and carriers enable us to provide individual and corporate passenger ticketing services, luxurious rail travel services and cargo space booking and transport services that serves multiple destinations and countries across the globe.

Our GSA Passenger

We are committed to providing our partner carriers with product and services that are consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-centric in order to ensure their successful entry into a new market with continued growth. Our highly experienced and pro-active sales and marketing team are dedicated to achieve our partner’s goals & objectives by carrying out a wide range of sales and marketing activities, including:

  1. Regular market research and analysis to identify potential customers and emerging trends.
  2. Competitive pricing that enables higher retention of commissions.
  3. Use of Digital and Social Media for Promotions and Brand Awareness Campaigns, that increases customer awareness and drives customer retention.
  4. Proactive customer visits.
  5. Learning and Development initiatives of staff that constantly enhances their skills to deliver excellent customer services.
Sharmeen Husain

Director, Chittagong

Mr. Erfanul Azim

Sr. Manager, GSA Sales (Dhaka)

Our GSA Cargo

Welcome to GSA Cargo Services. Our footing in the Cargo GSA business is robust and unparalleled as its inception dates back to the beginning of Bengal Airlift Limited. We have a seasoned team of professionals, working round the clock for the international cargo airlines whom we partner with.

We would be able to support all of your cargo needs such as Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Finance, Legal, Logistics and much more. We offer a fully comprehensive platform to meet all the needs of an airline cargo operating in today’s competitive markets.

Mr. Amirul Islam

ED-Cargo sales & Marketing

Md. Dedarul Alam

AGM, Head Of GSA – Cargo Sales