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Training and Human Resource

Training and Human Resource

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We’re incredibly proud of the people who make our agency what it is.


People At Bengal Airlift Limited

Our people are at the very heart of the organization. It is because of our dedicated and hardworking staff, and their unparalleled contributions to the organization that we have sustained for over three decades and are able to maintain service excellence for our customers and stakeholders.

Our Employee Experience

We believe in sustaining employee wellbeing throughout an employee’s life cycle. It is this belief that drives us to execute a well-mannered work-life strategy that encourages people to come back every morning, enthusiastic about what is possible.

Our determination and commitment for delivering excellence in services demonstrate our passion for serving our stakeholders to the highest standards and distinguishes us from our competitors. Our work values resonates the principle values of our company, which is Integrity, Passion, Humility & Efficiency.

Company Culture reflects the personality of a company. For our employees, we foster a work environment that encourages teamwork, employee engagement, fairness, trust and adaptability. Through our experience, we have established that employees are more cheerful if they are valued. At Bengal Airlift Limited, we have complete faith in our employees to get the job done.

Our staff believes in our Management’s philosophy of delivering excellence in service standards, defined in our Vision, Mission and Values. They are passionate about the work they do and hence prefer to stay with us throughout their entire carrier.

Our Benefits

We strive to retain talents through a market competitive salary & benefits package, various internal and external training programs, workshops and employee engagement initiatives throughout the year.

At the very core of our Managements’ philosophy is the retention of skilled individuals who adds value to our organization. The HR department shares the philosophy and works passionately to attract, select and onboard the best talents, and retain them through providing comprehensive career development and progression plans throughout the organization.

Our achievements are attributed to all the hardworking and dedicated staff at Bengal Airlift, so we put our utmost efforts in taking care of their wellbeing. From provision of Group Medical and Life Insurances at the macro level, to modern working spaces and essential amenities at the micro level, we ensure our staff are healthy and productive throughout their employment life cycle.

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