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Rail Ticketing

Rail Ticketing

Being the GSA (General Sales Agent) of Rail Europe in Bangladesh, Bengal Airlift sells all the Rail Europe products which include Rail Passes, Point to Point tickets, Seat reservation, Sleeping accommodations, Tickets on high-speed trains, City sightseeing tours, Group tickets etc.

Through the marketing integration of Rail Europe, the agent also sells the Rail Products of following other countries:

– USA- Rail Pass, AMTRAK point to point tickets
– VIA Rail Canada- Passes, Rail Cruises & point to point tickets
– Rail Australia- Passes, Rail Cruises & point to point tickets
– Japan Rail Pass
– Korea rail Pass
– The Buddhist Special train- India

Bengal Airlift has the real-time access to all above Rail products via dedicated reservation link “Euronet” hosted by Rail Europe.
Please contact Bengal Airlift for more details or for book your Rail Europe at