Our Role as GSA Cargo

We are committed to providing our partner carriers with product and service those are consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-driving in order to ensure their successful entry into a new market with continued growth. Our highly experienced and pro-active sales team are dedicated to achieve your goals by carrying out a wide-ranging of sales and marketing activities that includes:

  • Respond promptly to rate and space inquiry
  • Export documentation are done on-time, correctly and as per law
  • Documentation services for import Cargo
  • Manage stock control of AWB
  • Identifying and developing new market segments
  • Cargo acceptance at airport , ULD building, ULD loading/ unloading
  • Regular monitor the Cargo operation performance
  • Respond quickly to operational disruption
  • DGR Handling- we are certified to handle all kinds of DGR cargo
  • Generate performance report on revenue and Load Factors
  • Targeted Sales Campaign