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We offer holistic Supply Chain Solutions for our customers and have sufficient resources to handle all customer requirements.

Warehousing – Bengal Airlift offers warehousing facilities in Dhaka and Chittagong and ensures the best standards of cargo safekeeping and related services. All warehousing facilities are bonded from Customs Bond Commissionerate with In-house Customs verification.

We also provide VAS (Value Added Services) like picking, packing, labelling and tagging cargo, adequate quality control checks, 24/7 security of the highest standards, Inventory control in terms of FIFO, LIFO, LOT, serial number, production date and expiration date, Refund logistics management, Annual and periodic inventory count and Cross docking.

Customs Clearance/Brokerage – Our clearance/brokerage team consists of professionals who have vast experiences in dealing with customs regulations and legalities on a daily basis. We offer customs clearance/brokerage services for Air and Sea-Air imports and exports in Dhaka and Chittagong respectively.

Our brokerage office in Dhaka is located conveniently within short distance to the airport that enables our experienced staff for completing customs clearance process within short time. Our brokerage staff utilizes international custom clearance system to expedite the process.

Combo Freight – We offer both Air and Sea-Air Freight for customers to ensure all popular destinations are covered and enabling cost-effective transportation of Cargo. Our team of professionals are well versed in providing customized solutions for customers, and utilizes simple documentation procedure that cuts costs and lead time, while keeping customers up-to-date on their shipments.

Documentation for Export/Import – Our experienced personnel can help customers in fulfilling all documentation requirements for cargo shipments, starting from Airway Bills, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Inspection certificates, Packing List, etc. We use modern cargo management software that enables us to coordinate and communicate with both local suppliers and our agents efficiently and share real time information on cargo shipment.

In addition to the services, our staff are trained in fire prevention, health and safety protocols on international standards and takes precautionary steps to prevent any damage to store goods. We also have 24/7 security to ensure safekeeping of cargo.

Our office in Chittagong is strategically placed near the main seaport, enabling timely movement to customs offices for assessments and approvals.

Shahnewaz Bhuiyan

General Manager