Bangladesh Travelers Guide

Official Name: Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Geographical Location: Latitude between 20°34' and 26°38' North, Longitude between 88°01' and 92°41'; East
Area: 146,570 sq. km.
Boundaries: North- India (West Bengal & Meghalaya), West- India (West Bengal) East- India (Tripura & Assam) and Myanmar, South- Bay of Bengal
Capital City: Dhaka
Other Major Cities: Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal
Government: Parliamentary form of Govt.
Standard Time: GMT + 6 Hours
Climate Variation: Winter 11° C - 20° C (October- February), Summer 21° C - 38° C (March-September)
Rainfall: 1100 mm to 3400 mm (June- August)
Humidity: Highest 99% (July), Lowest 36% (December & January)
Population: 160 million, estimated (2012)
Religion: Muslims- 86.6 %, Hindus- 12.1 %, Buddhist- 0.6 %, Christians- 0.4 & others- 0.3 %
Airport: 18 (including 16 with paved runways)
Intl. Airport: 03 (Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet)
Literacy Rate: 60 %
Languages: Bangla (National language) spoken by 95%, other dialects 5% English is widely understood & spoken
Electricity: 220 Volts AC in all Cities and towns
Principal Crops: Rice, Jute, Tea, Wheat, Sugarcane, Pulses, Mustard, Potato, Vegetables
Principal Industries: Garments, Tea, Ceramics, Cement, Leather, Jute, Textiles, Electric & Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, fishing, shipbuilding
Principal Exports: Apparel, Ships, Jute & Jute goods, frozen fish & seafood, Leather & leather Products, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Processed foods
Principal Imports: Machineries & Equipments, Chemicals, Iron & steel, Foodstuffs, Petroleum Products, Wheat, Fertilizer, Cotton, Edible Oil
Business hours: Govt. office: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Sunday-Thursday), Friday & Saturday- closed Some private business houses work on Saturday
Currency: Bangladeshi Taka (Taka)
Exchange Rate: 1 US$= BDT 82.00 (approx as of October- 2012)
Credit Cards: Credit Cards are widely accepted at restaurants, hotels, guest houses, shopping
Tipping: Tipping or baksheesh is a customary & waiters in restaurants may expect 5 % tips
Bargaining: There are bargaining in most shopping. Travelers can begin bargain offering half of the quoted price.
Best Tourist Seasons: October to March