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Transworld Group is a global shipping and logistics conglomerate that was established in 1977. Bengal Airlift Limited is a proud local representative of this prestigious group. Transworld Group aims to maintain the highest level of quality service possible in the most efficient and advanced manner possible. Its operating philosophy is founded on understanding and identifying customers’ business expectations to create sustainable business growth. The company has a strong servant leadership approach and values integrity, transparency, respect, customer centrality, excellence, social and environmental responsibility. Its higher purpose is to create and share prosperity with people, shareholders, stakeholders, and governments. Specializes in ship owning and operates a fleet of vessels while providing ship management services to third-party owners. Also offering logistics services that deliver world-class solutions in a holistic and efficient manner.

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A leading company in the shipping and maritime industry possesses and operates a fleet of vessels and provides ship management services to third-party vessel owners.


Our logistics services department provides high-quality and comprehensive logistics solutions in a reliable, efficient, and consistent manner.

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