Late Mr. Abdul Mannan
Founding Chairman
Late Mr. Rezaur Rahman
Founding Managing Director
Late Mr. Rashid Ahmed
Founding Director

Bengal Airlift Ltd was founded by three exceptional individuals who were not only colleagues and friends but also lifelong business partners with a shared dream of advancing the logistics industry in Bangladesh

List of Bengal Airlift

Core Logistics services

As we aim to become a one-stop travel, logistics, and transportation center for the evolving aviation, tourism, travel, airfreight, and manufacturing industries, we have leveraged our strengths into diversified products and interconnected business enterprises. Our range of work varies from simple transport or storage up to complex operations. There are various functions that make up our core logistics services, including Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and Transportation, Spare Parts logistics, Project Cargo, and Courier Services. In every section of our services, we want to offer our clients top-notch services.

Why are we different?


Customized services with ease.

Bengal Airlift offers a wide range of logistics services, including air and ocean freight, customs brokerage, warehousing, transportation, and courier services. We also provide customized solutions to meet specific customer demands and offer bundled packages for added value.

Highly skilled professionals.

Our highly skilled and professional team is the heart of our organization and enables us to offer superior logistics services. With up-to-date knowledge and expertise, our employees are committed to providing the very best service, from executives to operational managers.

Cutting-edge Technology

Logistics heavily relies on technology, and Bengal Airlift recognizes this by employing only the best technology to deliver excellent service. We use top-notch software such as Amadeus, Galileo, and SITA for passenger and cargo reservations, freight forwarding, accounting, and more.

Complete Account Backups

Proper accounting is essential, and Bengal Airlift stands out by keeping detailed backups of all accounts through online and automated processes. This makes financial planning and accounting faster and easier.

Strong Relationships

As a travel company, we've built strong relationships with government agencies over three decades. This allows us to offer flexible rates and smooth processes for our customers, even during peak times.

Automated Infrastructure

At Bengal, we prioritize our accounting system and have fully automated it to reduce redundancy and enable our staff to better serve customers. Our automated accounting infrastructure is maintained through partnerships with leading companies like Amadeus and DreamApps.





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