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Industry Leaders with excellence

Bengal Airlift is one of the leading establishments in Bangladesh that specializes in providing service for passenger and cargo transportation. Since 1982, we have provided seamless and customized services to all our clients. In the beginning, our objective was to build a company into a one-stop travel, logistics, and transportation centre for the evolving aviation, tourism, travel, airfreight, and manufacturing industries. After 40 years of consistent services and applicability, we have come to what we can call a true success story in terms of reputation, entrepreneurship, and growth. We are relentlessly working to provide the best services in the fields of General Sales Agent (GSA), Logistics, Manufacturing, and Travel services. Numerous domestic and international companies have collaborated with us till now. We have worked with international partners like Air France-KLM, Cargo Gulf Air, Air India Cargo, Air India Express Cargo, and Rail Europe. We aspire to grow our clientele by working with more partners who value professional services and share our vision and passion. Currently, more than 150 highly professional and qualified employees contribute to this company to maintain excellent services for our customers and stakeholders. We have now become the most trusted passenger and logistics entity in Bangladesh and the South Asia region with our management expertise, proficient workforce, processes, modern technologies, and unwavering commitment to the customers.


We are determined and committed to deliver unblemished services to our customers and stakeholders. We pledged to get the satisfaction of the customers through our excellent expertise, sophisticated technology, continuous improvement, and benchmarking. We consistently embrace changes to adapt to the business environment and fine-tune our services so that we can serve our stakeholders to the highest standards.

OUR Vision

The vision with which we started this company is to sustain market leadership and set industry standards in the Travel and International Freight Forwarding Industry. We are committed to serve our customers with unwavering dedication and professionalism. With this vision, we have steadily risen to the top of the sector over the years and will do so moving forward. In order to uphold our vision, we provide our customers with a safe, dependable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable service.

Message From the Chairman:

“We started our journey in 1982 with the goal of building a company into a one-stop travel, logistics, and transportation center, in which we are definitely successful. Since then, our company has been evolving every day. As we know, change is the only constant. We are also going through continuous improvement in management expertise, the deployment of the right people, modern technologies, and infallible commitments. We have made this company a leading industry in Bangladesh by partnering with reputed international corporations and gaining the exceptional trust of South Asian people. With your constant faith in us, we wish to revolutionize this sector, which will thrust Bangladesh into becoming a developed country.”

Message from the Managing Director

“We are currently one of the leading companies in Bangladesh, which provides diversified products and operates interconnected business enterprises. From Holiday tourism to Freight forwarding, Courier services to Cargo handling, JVs and Global alliances, Bengal Airlift Ltd. will offer you everything you can think of to connect people worldwide. Since the beginning in 1982, we have been working with international giants like Air France, Cargo Gulf Air, Air India Cargo and have built a concrete reputation of trust and professionalism. With the aim to grow as a leading global business, the company will continue to provide in the growing economy of Bangladesh.”

Message from the Director

“Greetings, I am Faiqa Naser, the Director of Bengal Airlift Limited (BAL), a leading cargo freight, transportation and logistic support company in Bangladesh. Through strategic partnerships with renowned international companies and earning the trust of our South Asian customers, we have made a significant contribution to our thriving economy. Our company is committed to expanding our market by seeking out like-minded partners who share our values of professionalism, dedication, and a shared mission. With your unwavering support, we hope to inspire the next generation to follow in our footsteps and contribute to the development of our country. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.”

Core Values

Our Pricniples

Core Values


We prioritize integrity & uphold ethical standards in our personal and professional conduct, fostering an ethical culture.


We're dedicated to providing exceptional services to stake-holders, embracing change to stay ahead of competitors.


We approach success with humility and strive to provide considerate services to all stakeholders.


We prioritize technology, invest in training, and aim for maximum efficiency to minimize waste.




Begin From 2010

The Journey Begins

Bengal Airlift Ltd was established in 1982 as a one-stop travel, logistics, and transportation centre for the evolving aviation, tourism, travel, airfreight, and manufacturing industries. In the same year, it was registered as a joint-stock business entity on August 19. Over the next few years, Bengal Airlift Ltd steadily rose to the top of the sector.

1st Order 2000

The Journey Continues

With an aim to grow as a global business through backward and forward integration, the company has become among the industry’s top-ranking ones and leverages its strength into diversified products and interconnected business enterprises like Holiday tourism, Freight Forwarding, Courier services, Cargo handling, Storage services, Export oriented textile and knit products, JVs and Global alliances. Bengal Airlift Ltd is now a pioneer in logistics and supply chain solutions as a result of its unwavering efforts and flawless customer service.

Begin From 1990

Our Objective

The company’s objective for the travel and international freight forwarding industries is to maintain market leadership and establish industry standards. In pursuit of this objective, Bengal Airlift Ltd. today has nine sister concerns that provide services in various industries in Bangladesh.

Group Management

Our Leadership Team

Group Management

Mehnaz Mannan, Chairman

Arif Rahman, Managing Director

Faiqa Naser, Director

Bahauddin Miah,
Group ED & CEO

Apurba Kumar Saha,
Executive Director - Finance

Maruf Hossain Khan,
COO- Freight Cluster

Shumaiz Iqbal,
COO- Airlines Division

Respected Founders

In Loving Memory

Respected Founders

Late Mr. Abdul Mannan

Founding Chairman

Late Mr. Rezaur Rahman

Founding MD

Late Mr. Rashid Ahmed

Founding Director


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