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Through our custom brokerage service, we make it easier for people and businesses to ship and deliver goods across international borders. We are one of the earliest licensed customs brokerage service providers in Bangladesh. We are experienced in delivering a sheer magnitude of goods and raw materials that cross international borders. We have a proficient brokerage team that is well-versed in most documentation requirements and other necessary formalities and can provide you with global coverage and reliable, consistent service. We understand the unique requirements of many specific industries, including ready-made garments, computer parts, telecom equipment, and manufacturing. You can trust Bengal Airlift to get your goods to the desired destination at the most reasonable time and cost. For further information, contact Bengal Airlift at
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Customs clearance

Our team ensures that your goods are cleared through customs smoothly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of delays and penalties.


We provide you with accurate and timely information on duty and tax rates, so you can make informed decisions about your shipments.

Tariff classification

We help you classify your goods correctly, ensuring that you pay the correct duties and taxes and comply with all applicable regulations.

Compliance consulting

Our team provides you with expert advice on regulatory compliance, helping you avoid potential penalties and fines.

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